Ethicare™ is Ethier's proprietary vehicle for delivery assurance


Client Delivery Assurance

Our Delivery Assurance team provides a deep well of experience and advice geared toward the success of your initiative.

Ethier is committed to ensuring satisfaction by providing the highest level of service and value to your organization. Delivery Assurance is provided at no additional cost to you - it's simply part of the Ethier way.

Ethicare functions as a diagnostic tool, providing an external view of each assignment. This review allows early and accurate diagnosis of potential issues and results in timely course corrections and most importantly reduced risk for the client, and the project.

From the organizational level, Ethier manages the process transparently, providing timely and unbiased feedback to you while giving our consulting team the support they need to carry out your initiative.

The EthiCare™ Delivery Assurance Program is designed to:

  • Minimize the risks, issues and impacts of challenging situations that may arise
  • Build an added degree of security into the execution of your project
  • Support you with immediate access to Ethier's extensive intellectual capital and knowledge