Operational Excellence


Operational excellence is the alignment of organization, culture, principles, systems and tools to achieve sustainable improvements to strategic performance.

Ethier's Operational Excellence Advisory & Consulting Services help you define what operational excellence means in your unique environment and what you should do to build a continuous improvement culture and maintain sustainable advances in operational performance.

Ethier works closely with you to:

  • Understand your business drivers and needs for change, then develop a strategy for setting up, improving or evolving operational excellence

  • Define and align operational excellence initiatives with your strategic plan and identify and select the initiatives which will provide the highest value and best strategic fit

  • Focus development efforts on the continuous improvement capabilities that will give you the most immediate and sustainable improvements

  • Examine current operational excellence initiatives to surface root causes of performance challenges, then identify the priorities for improvement and a clear set of actions

How we have helped our clients

Ethier was engaged to develop a strategy and approach to change an existing gas plant from a sour gas processing facility to pure sweet gas with liquids recovery. We defined the risk approach then analyzed the current marketplace and alternative processing opportunities available, joint venture business implications of redefining plant capability, acquisition and divestiture options, impact to gas plant operations and facilities infrastructure considerations and logistics. We developed and presented a 5-year plan and roadmap to execute the sour gas end-of-life strategy.

- Global Upstream Oil & Gas Company

Ethier led the development of a long-term program to implement the future-state business processes and systems for a shipper services department. We designed the approach for developing future-state business processes, identified the required projects, designed the delivery program and developed the business case. The Executive Committee approved the program.

- International Pipeline Company

To improve the ability to select drilling projects that would yield the highest return on investment, Ethier defined a formal prioritization method of selecting and managing assets and exploration opportunities. The project was recognized for improving the corporate culture of the department.

- Major Upstream Oil & Gas Company

Ethier reviewed the options to move gas and liquids from wellhead to market, including infrastructure and egress options. We assessed all costs, expected contractual obligations and marketing options including risks and constraints, then identified the option which had the highest potential of success and highest market value for end products.

- Global Upstream Oil & Gas Company