Project Resourcing


Your strategy demands that you get the work done, but often there is more work than your staff can handle.

Sometimes you are lacking critical skills or experience or you need those resources right away and can't acquire permanent staff soon enough. Perhaps you just need a steady hand to help your people grow while ensuring objectives get achieved.

Ethier's experienced consultants have "been there, done that," and offer an effective and pragmatic approach to bridge temporary talent gaps.

Ethier's Project Resourcing Services help you address skilled resource shortfalls with senior people and comes with the added comfort that they are supported by EthiCare™, Ethier's delivery assurance process.

Ethier provides senior project consultants with cross-functional skills in:

  • Business Process Innovation / Operational Excellence
  • Program and Project Management
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Management Consulting

What our clients are saying about us

"Ethier prides themselves on presenting the most senior consultants that are able to adapt their style/approach to work with any organization and deliver results in a short period of time. They clearly understand the interaction between people, process and technology and how this can shape a project."

- Manager, Business Services, Telecommunications Company

"Ethier has always provided us with very talented consultants backed by a team of experts. We know that when we involve Ethier on our projects they have a delivery assurance capability to provide guidance and support to that consultant so we receive more value than just the individual."

- IT Director, Pipeline Company

"Ethier consistently demonstrates that it is a professional consulting organization. They've adapted quickly to the needs of our organization, brought in new ideas and the quality of their work has been excellent."

- IT Manager, Oil & Gas Company